Hi! I'm a Ruby on Rails developer that believes in well organized, well tested code.
I can help you build awesome web applications. I am also available to consult on existing Ruby on Rails applications.

Orthography Calculator

  • Designed database solution to organize and access 10K+ data records spread across 35 Excel spreadsheets and 30 text files
  • Designed algorithm to cycle through words and determine orthographic probablity
  • Used scopes to make data access intuitive
  • Included administrative dashboard using Active Admin gem
  • User authentication with devise
  • Testing with rspec and capybara
  • Styled front end with bootstrap
  • Technologies: Rails, Ruby, Active Admin, Devise, Rspec, Capybara, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SASS, Heroku deployment

Grade Portal Application

  • Updated application for academia to comply with Google Drive's new API
  • Used OAuth 2.0 to access Google APIs
  • Integrated Google Services and Google Sheets into existing application
  • Technologies: Rails, Ruby, Google Drive API, Google Services API, OAuth 2.0, Google Sheets API

Women Who Code Consulting

  • Implemented new features for the administrator dashboard complete with custom filters (ActiveAdmin)
  • Removed deprecated code
  • Created new model and contact form with CRUD actions
  • Updated and created advanced database scope queries
  • Fixed issues arising from integration with Stripe Webhooks
  • Fixed errors with Meetup API integration
  • Fixed rendering issues when wrong format was requested
  • Technologies: Rails, Ruby, Devise, Active Admin, Rspec, HAML, Javascript, Vagrant, Ransacker, PostgreSQL

Operation Code (Open Source)

  • Created and updated models with new attributes
  • Fixed JSON rendering errors
  • Update tests
  • Designed a custom solution for rails API integration with Meetup API's Pro account
  • Technologies: Rails, Ruby, Meetup Pro API